Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Our Sad Reality

This video was taken by a few local teachers here in Fox Lake. It is a mere glimpse of what we deal with on a daily basis. These dogs are scared, hungry, and helpless and they need your support today! Contact us through email or Facebook to see how you can help today.

Cause For Paws Canada

Is excited to be offering you
their first rescue calendar!

This fundraiser will help us make a difference, 4 paws at a time!

Ridge Rescue Society has graciously offered to help us with our fundraising goals by including us in their new rescue calendar. We have contributed our own photos and will be able to share in the profits.

Please fill out the order form, and we will mail the calendar to you as soon as it comes in. Cost for the calendar is $20, and the whole amount goes to supporting the animals.

Cause For Paws Canada (CFPC) is a non-profit organization serving the communities of Fox Lake, Garden River, and John D'or. Our main objectives are:

  • To rescue, foster, and rehome local stray and abandoned dogs and puppies, while offering them any medical treatment we can.
  • To educate the community on; proper pet care, approaching/avoiding local dogs, the importance of spaying/neutering.
It is our goal to sell 500 calendars!! Help us reach our goal! Please buy a calendar (or two or three) today. Share this information with friends and family and help our numbers grow!

Calendars make great Christmas presents! Do you have that friend that’s hard to buy for or that person who has everything? Here is your opportunity to make a difference. The calendars will be glossy and in full color, order yours now! Fill out an order form below, an animal will thank you!

Name: ______________________________  
Street: ______________________________
City and Province: _______________________________
Postal Code: __________________________
Number of Calendars: ____________  Total amount: $____________
Paid by: ___ Cash   ____PayPal (through our donate button at the top)   
** Please note, your calendars cannot be ordered without payment **

Sunday, September 30, 2012

We made the paper... well, sort of :)

I came across this article in the Edmonton Journal today and thought... hey, that photo looks awfully familiar. It was a picture of Barry Holland, one of the private pilots who volunteered his time to fly up to Fox Lake last year, and rescue a few local dogs that were in dire need of medical treatment. I just wanted to share this article and attempt to highlight a few of the amazing people we have had the please of working with.

5 Dollar Fundraiser

HURRY HURRY! With only 32 hours left we have yet to reach even a hundred dollars raised! Please click on the link below and donate your $5 today! Share this link with friends and family and let's reach our goal together!

It seems the dogs around here knew when the teachers would be returning for the new school year. There are new litters and puppies popping up all over the place! With the temperatures starting to dip below zero we are attempting to bring in as many puppies as possible but we can not do it without your help!

We have been able to work collaboratively with a few "local" rescues but in order for them to take in all of the dogs that are in desperate need of medical treatment and fostering, they need funds too. Your $5 will help go a long way in making that happen! Please support and share this cause today!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

...and we're BACK

After a great summer of travelling, visiting, and relaxation, we are back up in Fox for another school year. Some teachers remained in Fox during the summer months and were able to rescue and re-home another 3 lucky pups. With a new crop of teachers this year, the puppies have already been working their cuteness factor and we are happy to announce that a few of them have already adopted local stray dogs.

We are extremely excited about our progress over the last year and the Canadian rescue organizations that we have had the pleasure of working with. That being said, we still need more support. Donations have been minimal to say the least, we are always in need of food, medications, blankets, and crates. Please share our mission with friends and family and support your Canadian rescues.

Over the next few months we are hoping to organize a few fund-raising events. Please check back often on ways in which you can help. Donations can also be made through PayPal right here on our website.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Dog Days of Summer

School's out for summer! As we pack up our classes (and our suitcases) and make our way back home, wherever that may be (Ontario, B.C., Nova Scotia, etc.), we are packing up the last of our pups for one more journey south to Edmonton.

Since December 1st, Cause For Paws has helped rescue and re-home 53 dogs and puppies!! That's 53 furballs in 7 months! We can't wait to come back and watch that number grow!

We will be returning in September for another fun-filled year of puppy rescuing. Thanks you all for your support and everything that you do for our Fox Lake Furballs ♥

Have a fun and safe summer!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Puppies, Puppies, EVERYWHERE!

Summer is almost here, and with that comes warmer weather, the end of the school year and many, MANY, more puppies. The teachers have all been busy grading, marking, and writing report cards but that hasn't stopped their doggie duties.

At the moment we currently have 6 puppies in foster care and are working hard at finding them all homes. We have been fortunate enough to find a few amazing women who have volunteered their time, money, and resources to make some of these rescues possible.

We have one lady who will be driving up from Grande Prairie this weekend to pick up her newest family member. As if that weren't enough, she has also graciously volunteered to take the rest of the puppies to a foster home we've set up back in Grande Prairie. Having all the puppies in a bigger city like Grande Prairie will make it much easier for potential adopters to pick up their puppies.

Another lady, by the name of Nicole Porter, is flying in from Fort McMurray (at her own expense) to pick up her new puppy. It is truly amazing the lengths people will go to to help a pup in need.

We would like to help these ladies out as much as we possibly can, unfortunately due to our lack of funding, it just isn't possible for us to financial assist these women with their travels. We are asking friends and family to please show some support and donate today towards their travel costs. We are truly grateful for your support.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Fox Lake Compassion Flight

ARTS Air Angels are back at it again. Thanks to Terry Allen for flying up to our little remote community to help us save another 3 pups. Mika, Penny, and Rocky went air-born last Thursday, and aside from a few minor "hiccups" mid-air, they are well on their way to a new life. Click HERE to see the pictures and read all about their interesting flight.

Rocky was one of the lucky pups on board with Terry last Thursday. He will be living the life as an Island Boy, going to join Paws Without Borders... 

Penny also came down on the ARTS Air Angel flight with Terry. She will be traveling with Mika to join up with Safe At Last Rescue in Chilliwack.

Mika was the third Fox Laker on the plane and she will be joining Penny at Safe At Last Rescue in Chiliwack. Safe travels girls.

The first ARTS Air Angel flight took off from Edmonton with Chris as escort to Penny and Mika as they made their way to Safe At Last Rescue in Chilliwack. Thanks to Lindsay and Chandra of Animal Rescue and Outreach Society for fostering them for a few days and for getting them to the Airport! Good luck little ones.

What would we do without all these amazing people. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, from all of us at Cause For Paws. 

Friday, May 11, 2012

We need your help!

This coming long weekend is looking to be a little busy for us up here in Fox. It seems, just as we send a few furballs out, be it to seek medical treatment or unite them with their new forever homes, we are faced with just as many in need right here.

ARTS Air Angels are planning another flight in the coming weeks, which we couldn't be more excited about. We would like to keep those trips reserved for dogs and puppies that are in need of medical treatment that we just aren't able to provide here on the reserve.

We are currently fostering two female dogs, one who has recently gone into heat and another that will be shortly, making time of the essence. We have been lucky enough to find a new home for one (we are actively seeking one for the other) and will be transporting these girls down to the Edmonton area next weekend.

As we've mentioned in the past, Edmonton is quite a trek from where we are. We have made a few contacts there and so this is the reason we continue to adopt dogs out to the Edmonton area. All this being said it is quite the pricey trip. Now that the barge is running (no more free ice road) it costs us $130 round-trip just to get in and out of here. All in all, not including our meals and hotel stay, we are looking at roughly a $600 trip.

We are always willing to do what we can for these dogs and will be making this trip for them regardless of the outcome of this post. We merely thought we'd seek out a few donations to help with our costs and see where it got us. We are extremely appreciative of the donations we have received in the past, we just seem to be bringing in more dogs than we know what to do with, or can actually afford. What's a girl to do?

Please share this post with those you know and 
encourage them to donate today.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Fox Lake Mercy Flight

This past Wednesday, with the help of our friends at ARTS (Animal Rescue Transfer Society), we were able to fly out a few dogs that were in tremendous need of medical treatment. The following story is told from one of the ladies involved with ARTS. 

"Fox Lake is a remote community in the far northern reaches of Alberta. Before the barge is put into the water in the summer, access to the community is very limited. When Veralyn put us in touch with Lisa in Fox Lake, the Mercy Flight for Bear and Lily took shape. 

Barry Holland had just flown the weekend before for ARTS Air Angels but he was up for the trip northward. Bear, a newfie cross, needed medical attention to a deep gash in his neck from the removal of a wire collar. Pretty six-month old Lily had advancing demodetic mange and sores. She needed treatment soon. ARTS found placement for Bear with Alberta Animal Rescue Crew (AARCS) and placement for Lily with Misty Creek Animal Rescue. Both groups did not hesitate to step forward to help out these dogs in need. ARTS also donated food for the Northern Community so that nutrition would not be lacking for the next while. 

A last minute passenger was 5 week old Abbey who just would not be left behind! The Edmonton Humane Society agreed to take her in so onboard she went. Barry was loaded with supplies going up and animals coming down. The Mercy Flight for Bear and Lily was accomplished with strong partnerships and volunteers who stepped forward without hesitation."

Please click on the following Facebook link Take a look at the pictures and accompanying story on this amazing rescue. There, you will also find links to the organizations that made this rescue possible. Many thanks go out to ARTS and their partners!